Grant Hansen and Matthew da Silva talk in the videos posted on this website about books they have read and enjoyed. The website also holds reviews they have written on books that are up for discussion in the next episode of Book Chat. Grant writes reviews for Good Reading magazine and Matthew blogs at http://happyantipodean.blogspot.com.

Grant is a Sydney lawyer who has an abiding interest in classical history. His first novel, Secret Histories, was published on Kindle in 2015. Matthew is a two-time Arts graduate who is a trained journalist and has blogged for a decade, and has a long-term interest in publishing.

The book reviews included on the website are included for reference, and each review is about a book that appears in an episode of Book Chat due down the track. Each episode of Book Chat now involves discussing three books: one both Grant and Matthew read, and two other books, which they each read separately.

If you want to contact the crew at Book Chat you can email matthew@bookchat.com.au. You can also follow us on Twitter using the handle @bookchatoz.

The date of publication shown is the date of original publication except for translations, where it is the date when the translation was originally published.


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